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Formatting & Layout instructions:

■ We especially encouraging article submissions from these 5 categories of topics: 1) Customer Sharing, 2)8 Core Value Sharing, 3) Market Trend, 4)Branding Case and 5)Staff Communication.

Please complete the "Tt CULTURE BOOK Application Form" clearly and fill the articles, photos and photo descriptions into the "Tt CULTURE BOOK Application Form" directly.
Each article should not exceed 300-400 words (included title, punctuation and numbers). Please use Registration Form template and submit in a word document format.
■ Each article should collocate with at least 3 photos and photo descriptions. Size limitations on photos : above 72dpi, over 500x500 pix
■ Maximum article submission per author is 3 articles (3 topics). Multiple submission will not be accepted.
■ There are two ways to submit:

1. Submit your "Tt CULTURE BOOK Application Form" to directly. Be sure to complete "Tt CULTURE BOOK Application Form" clearly and attach it and 3 photos in the mail.

2. Please visit Tt CULTURE BOOK website ( and click "Application" to submit your articles. Be sure to complete "Tt CULTURE BOOK Application Form" clearly and submit it and 3 photos directly via the web page.
■ Corp. PR office will revise and edit qualified articles; the author has to revise in coordination if necessary.
■ Accepted articles will be given remuneration to the authors.
■ Corp. PR office preserves the right to reject any submissions that do not meet the requirements/standards.
■ Please kindly follow the "Formatting and Layout Instructions", submissions do not following the Formatting and Layout Instructions"will not be accepted.
■ Tt CULTURE BOOK Vol. 29 Submission Deadline: October 1st, 2021. Late submission will not be accepted. Submission Email :
■ Tt CULTURE BOOK Vol.29 is planned to be published in December, 2021 on Thermaltake Culture site


■ Submission contents should be related to Tt work or life. Personal life or interests will not be accepted.
■ Please properly cite your sources to avoid plagiarism in your work. A plagiarist will be graded zero. If a submitted work is plagiarized and/or violates copyright law, the article will be disqualified and the remuneration will be recalled.
■ However, please avoid disclose any content is related to the future product development or patents issue, for those kind of articles will not be accepted.


Selection Methods:
■ Total of 5 topics are for article submissions, each topic contains 4 articles will be selected, total 20 articles will be selected for each issue.
■ Primarily Verification: Submissions will be primarily verified by Brand Marketing Department .Articles will not be accepted if not follow the instructions, and a plagiarist will be graded zero.
■ Final Approval:by CEO

Selection Criteria:
Theme50%, Creativity25%, Structure25%

Incentive Scheme:
■ Maximum article submission per author is 3 articles (3topics). Multiple submission will not be accepted.
■ Submission Remuneration: Once an article meets the review standards, the author may receive USD10.-(currency rate by financial dpt. At HQ,tax payment may be occurred)
■ Once an article is selected for publication, the author will receive remuneration of USD50.- (currency rate by financial dpt. At HQ, tax payment may be occurred)



■ If no of articles were selected, the may not be given out.
■ Brand Marketing Department reserves the right to refuse article and images that do not comply with the journal's design and criteria.
■ The Tt CULTURE BOOK will not held responsibility for copyright infringements on images supplied directly by contributors and authors.
■ Brand Marketing Department preserves the right to revise submission rules and incentive scheme in any time.



Contact Information:

If you have any further questions on Tt CULTURE BOOK, please feel free to contact us.
■ Production Manager: Charlotte Chen
■ Editor in Chief: Peggy Lin, Melissa Cho
■ Tel: +886-8797-5788 ext 2116 / 211ˇ
■ Email